Mach's in Frankfurt

Mach's in Frankfurt is the city guide which is not quite done yet:

a do-it-yourself book to (re-)discover Frankfurt. A book like a good buddy, tempting you into adventurous actions and surprising you with peculiar ideas.

You can use the book to protect yourself from Mrs. Rauscher’s spitting fountain – take revenge and spit right back! Ask men in suits to note down sure-fire stock tips in your book and you might even become a millionaire. Over a glass of Apfelwein, watch your neighbours at the table and perpetuate them in a quick caricature. In the end you will have experienced a lot, all the while creating your very own kind of diary, a unique, personal city document.

Geschwister chronisch kranker und behinderter Kinder im Fokus/         Siblings of chronically ill and disabled children in focus

It is important to regularly involve relatives in psychosocial care for chronically ill or handicapped children. How can we do this? There is great need for care, which ranges from predominantly preventive to psychotherapeutic offers, depending on the experience of stress.

However, the care structure remains fragmented and there is a lack of focused preventive counselling approaches for the siblings and their parents or families.

The book fills this gap: It presents a theoretically sound concept based on the authors’ many years of practical experience for targeted support of siblings, which is based on the Hamburg COSIP concept for counselling children and their physically ill parents.

Tschutti heftli World Cup Countdown Calender

With 165 splendid portraits by artists from all over the world, the tschutti heftli World Cup Countdown Calender shortens the waiting time for the World Cup 2018. Every day from 1 January 2018 to the opening match, a new creative interpretation of the great Diego Armando Maradona awaits you.

More than 500 pictures were submitted to the tschutti heftli illustration competition. We have chosen 165 of them and put together this luxuriant calendar.

Wisper Knister Brumm / Whisper Crackle Buzz

A children’s book that pays tribute to even the smallest noises.

Die Theorie des Menschenschweins / Theory of the Human Pig

The Human Pig is no one and everyone.

A little bit you, a little bit me, a little bit nobody. It is everything, nothing, or.

A theory of life as a young artist.

Und dann?

If nobody knows what happens in afterlife, who is to say it isn’t nice?

A free work dealing with dying and the question “and then what?”. During the many visits to my grandmother’s retirement home, I regularly found myself in

conversation with other home residents and the issue of dying was ubiquitous. I realized that older people are hardly afraid of dying any more. On the contrary, they describe their vision of death in conciliatory, almost longing words. I was impressed by their confidence. At the same time, the children in our group of friends began to contemplate on mortality. Their idea was quite the opposite: Fear and discomfort prevailed.

My publication Und dann? tries to take away children’s fear of the unknown and to soften their notion of afterlife.

Bösöppe e.V Calender 2017

Calender with 12 fables from Equatorial Guinea, beautifully illustrated by Isabel Blumenthal.

These stories are inspired by the rich tradition of people whose lives are shaped by the rainforest with its fantastic animal kingdom, their own village communities and the joys and needs associated with it. The transitions between tropical forests and human destiny are smooth; Humans live with animals or transform themselves into animals while animals live with humans or they live like humans as their neighbours.

At first glance, some stories might seem strangely cruel. But European fairy tales also come up with atrocities:

Children are fattened to make a tasty roast, little girls are eaten by the wolf, etc. There are no wolves in Equatorial Guinea, but there are monkeys, snakes, turtles.

Their stories, selected for you by the association Bösöppe e.V., are told in this calendar.

Isabel Blumenthal Illustratorin

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